Fullstack Developer (new team)

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

 Job Description:

Key Accountabilities / Responsibilities

The primary roles of the Software Developer are to:

Platform Development and Troubleshooting

· Develop new functionalities and troubleshoot existing features on ST eSERV platforms.

· Assist customers with functionality issues and provide technical support as needed.

· Write customized MySQL queries to resolve customer data issues.

· Perform regular maintenance on customer platforms, including upgrading OS, modules, and applications. AWS Deployment and Maintenance

· Deploy and manage applications using AWS services such as EC2, ECS, EFS, ElasticCache, RDS, and S3.

· Ensure regular updates and maintenance tasks are performed efficiently.

Automation Development

· Develop and maintain automation scripts and workflows to enhance platform functionality, streamline

processes, and improve efficiency across various aspects of the development lifecycle.

· Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify opportunities for automation and develop solutions that

address business needs and technical requirements.

· Design and implement automated testing frameworks and procedures to ensure the quality and reliability

of software applications.

Technology Integration and Solution Design

· Research and acquire new and cutting-edge technologies to enhance platform capabilities.

· Transform design concepts into concrete solutions by collecting business and system requirements, writing

specifications, and developing project schedules and rollout plans.

· Deliver solution designs and proof of concepts (POCs) as needed.

· Ensure long term architectural and performance strategies are considered in all design and coding solutions.

· Write clean, efficient code and complete thorough documentation and unit tests for systems and applications.

· Convert project specifications and procedures into detailed logical flow charts for coding.

Development, Quality, and Performance Optimization

· Collaborate with Quality Assurance (QA) teams during the testing process and review QA documentation to ensure high quality deliverables.

· Develop, maintain, and follow design and development standards and documentation.

· Plan, develop, test, and implement software upgrades and new features.

· Participate in regular reviews and retrospectives to continuously improve development processes and outcomes.

· Participate in incident response and postmortem activities to identify and address the root causes of issues and prevent future occurrences. 

· Continuously monitor and optimize platform performance to ensure fast, reliable, and scalable solutions. 

· Implement and adhere to security best practices in all development and deployment activities to protect customer data and platform integrity. 

A successful candidate must be able to: 

i. Collaborate effectively with IT & HR business partners, Technical Project Managers, Development & infrastructure teams to define and deliver customized solutions for the learning platform. 

ii. Lead the efficient and successful delivery of large, complex projects, ensuring they are completed on time and within budget. 

iii. Proactively identify potential bottlenecks, provide effective escalation management, and strike a balance between business needs and technical constraints. 

iv. Identify, assess, track, and mitigate issues and risks at various levels, ensuring they are addressed promptly to minimize impact on project timelines and objectives. 

v. Create, maintain, and communicate project information to stakeholders, keeping them informed and engaged throughout the project lifecycle. 

vi. Foster effective teamwork, communication, collaboration, and commitment across multiple disparate groups with competing priorities, driving towards common project goals and objectives.

Job Specifications


Diploma or Bachelors in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems, or other technical related degree.


1 to 3 years of hands-on experience in IT project management and professional software development, with consideration for recent graduates eager to enter the field.

Demonstrated proficiency in analytical thinking and object-oriented design principles.

Extensive development experience utilizing one or more Object-Oriented Languages.

Proficiency in software development using PHP, ASP.net (C#), HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Familiarity with JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery and AngularJS/React.

Competence in database management across platforms including MySQL, MS SQL Server, and MongoDB.


Experience in deploying and managing AWS/Google Cloud Linux or Windows instances.

Proficient in Outsystems Low Code Based Platform.

  Required Skills:

Customer Data Concrete Proof Balance Escalation Assurance AngularJS ROOT ASP.NET Information Systems Timelines Reliability Software Development Reviews Deliverables Features HTML5 Optimization Quality Assurance jQuery MongoDB Infrastructure C# Automation Technical Support Writing Specifications Integration PHP Linux Troubleshooting Security Computer Science Windows MySQL Education Teamwork Research Documentation JavaScript Software Testing SQL Project Management Maintenance Design Engineering Business Communication Science Management